Clearance paintings are fine paintings in great condition. They are not damaged goods and though they may be several years old, considering a life expectancy of 100ʼs of years, they are still “just babies.” $500 Paintings are incredibly priced to make room in my studio for newer works. While the 40% – 50% Off group gives a discount that could be considered the “gallery price” or wholesale.

For various reasons paintings land on this page. Sometimes they are an unusual size, shape or color combination, while others are experimental or “too creative.” Often, they just were rarely shown and not marketed well. Truth is, some of these paintings are favorites of mine or were the foundation of a future style. Not shipped to my art festivals, the clearance page is generally the only exposure for these paintings. I can assure you that all will look great when they find the right wall!

 All green priced paintings are now available. Oluf.