Paintings on this website are available. Oluf is semi-retired and is no longer in Seattle or traveling to the nation’s top art festivals. He is open to do commissions from his home in Sandpoint Idaho.

ORIGINAL FINE ART — SATISFACTION IS ALWAYS GUARANTEED.  Shipped to your door from Sandpoint Idaho.  Crated artworks are delivered out of state by FedEx or UPS.  $100 shipping includes the crate to US locations.  (The very largest pieces have listed shipping prices.)

Email: olufnielsen@msn.com    425-736-9005   (9 am – 7 pm pacific time – 7 days)   Oluf still loves to sell paintings!  He is discounting available works, so call or email, today. Leave message for a return call if you get my answering message. I just might be skiing!

“SLIDESHOWS” on banner above: To first view the paintings in a very speedy full screen slide show. Images have titles only. Jot down the titles that you may have a future interest in, then quickly find them with prices, sizes and notes by typing the titles into search.

“PAINTINGS”  To view the paintings comprehensively with prices, sizes and notes. Pick from 7 portfolios in the drop down menu.

“METAL PRINTS”  To view the metal prints.

“CLEARANCE” For closeout “paintings for $500,” 40%, and even 50% off specials.

SEARCH: You can also search for an exact size say “24×36” or a discount like “20%.”

TABS: Use the tabs … vertical, large, red, mountains, water etc. Tabs search the 7 portfolios in the “Paintings” menu but not clearance